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Whatever happened to the Combined Loyalist Military Command? UDA, UVF, UFF, LVF, RHC, and the OV to name but a few of the Loyalist Paramilitary Organisations have all gone their separate ways in recent times, many cynics will say this is mainly due to the fact that some if not all of these organisations are nothing more than drug traffickers and common criminals. The more educated amongst those who take an interest in the politics of Northern Ireland will know that the time is now here for all groups political, or otherwise to unite behind our common cause. If these groups and their respective political allies continue to fight each other instead of the real enemy of Ulster, Sinn Fein/ IRA and all the other Fascist Republican terrorist groups , then the war will be over before the real fight even begins. 
The fight is on now for the minds and hearts of all the people of Ulster not just for "the chosen few" or those who are prepared to fly a UDA or UVF flag from their homes during the Loyalist marching season. Take the situation at Drumcree for example. This stand is for basic human and civil rights as enshrined in the United Nations charter on Human Rights. This stand is not about domination, in fact it is quite the opposite - a stand against the Fascist tactics used by the IRA.
United We Stand (continued)

 This principled and honourable stand is not just about being allowed to walk along the Garvaghy Road but is also about the future of our beloved Northern Ireland. A future in which all citizens are allowed basic human rights such as freedom of religion and assembly. A future in which we and our children are free to practice the Reformed Faith.
 A future were we can maintain our cherished position as equal citizens of the United Kingdom and indeed the world without the fear of sectarian intimidation and hatred. A future based on tolerance, a future based on accommodation not segregation, a future based on 'Civil and Religious Liberty' for all. The time is here and now for all the people of Ulster to Unite And Fight Republicanism. Whether you are Protestant, Orangeman, Loyalist, atheist or any other beliefs for that matter we must now stand up as one and rid Ulster once and for all of religious intolerance from the Fascist Republicans. 

Unite & Fight Republicanism




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