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The Orange Order - as it presently exists - more correctly the Loyal Orange Institution of Ireland, came into existence after the Battle of the Diamond, near Loughgall, on 21st September 1795. This 'Battle' was instigated by a Roman Catholic revolutionary brotherhood known as the 'defenders' who were part of the 'ethnic cleansing' programme of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, when they attempted to remove the Protestant witness from the Island of Ireland.

  This Ethnic cleansing is carried out to-day by Sinn Fein/IRA.

The purpose of the Orange Order was to bring together the 'Protestants' of various denominations - Episcopalian - Presbyterian - Independents - Huguenots - Quakers - into one homogenous grouping to maintain their Protestant religion and way of life and as a distinctive affirmation that they intended to hold fast to the FREEDOM of religion won at such a high cost at the Reformation. 
The Orange Order Is Not Anti-Roman Catholic But It Is Pro Protestant
The Orange Institution became an INTERNATIONAL Organisation as the benefits of a religious and fraternal organisation became obvious. Military Warrants were issued from the earliest years of the Institution and this may have added to the growth of Orangeism as serving soldiers carried their culture and identity throughout the Empire. Orangeism spread to Montreal in 1818, Australia in 1845, Togo in 1915 and Ghana in 1928. 

Members Of Juvenile LOL 10 Togo West Africa 

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