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The Three R's

The three R's that will destroy Loyal Ulster, Roman Catholicism, Republicanism as practiced by Sinn Fein IRA, and The Real IRA. I will take the Real IRA issue first, there is only one IRA without whose co-operation all other Republican Terrorist organisations would fail to operate.
Republicanism or probably better described as Fascism. It is the clear intention of Sinn Fein IRA to remove all aspects of Britishness from Ulster and the rest of the United Kingdom if they had their evil way. For years now the ethnic cleansing of Ulster continues daily whether it is in North Belfast, the border areas of County Down or the City of Londonderry Sinn Fein IRA activists are continually advising Loyalists to find "alternative housing arrangements" this is never reported in the national or international media. It is little wonder that some housing estates have now become Sinn Fein Ghettos, where even Roman Catholics live in fear of speaking against the policies of Gerry Adams and his partners in crime. Take for example  the Residents groups that have sprung up to attempt to deny the Loyalist community the right to express their unique cultural identity, this is not mere coincidence, these groups are set up by Sinn Fein IRA and have little to do with the wishes of the residents. Although Sinn Fein attempt to draw a distinction between themselves and the Provisional IRA, claiming to be merely the political wing of the Republican movement, the reality is that they are a political front for the IRA and membership of the IRA and Sinn Fein is widely over-lapping. The spirit of the red-hand must continue or the Ulster as we know and love will die, our enemies are not only Sinn Fein/IRA but all the political parties who fail to understand that the Ulster/Scottish Protestant people have an undeterminable right to express their culture and their beliefs, beliefs a culture that has been handed down through the centuries.

Brendan Mac Cionnaith, "Garvaghy Road Residents Association": Took a Garvaghy Road family hostage while other republicans blew up a British Legion Hall in Portadown. Convicted of kidnapping, hi-jacking and arms offences. Last summer he took upon himself the role of "speaking for the residents" during the Drumcree controversy. Mac Cionnaith does not live on the Garvaghy Road, instead he lives on a separate housing estate half a mile away.

"Some Day Soon The Truth Will Be Told"

Let All Loyalists Unite & Fight Republicanism


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