• It is estimated that in excess of 200,000 Orangemen from across the World saw service during the first War some 80,000 from Canada alone. This has been described as Orangeism's Greatest triumph and its heaviest defeat. Triumph in the number of volunteers who joined the war effort but defeat in that the Institution lost so many of its young men.

Now Some Facts About Drumcree

  • The tradition of parading in this area is almost 200 years old and stretches back to before the Garvaghy Road even existed? 

  • Only ONE band takes part in the Drumcree Church Parade. In previous years several bands took part.

  • Nine parades along Garvaghy Road and Obins Street have now been reduced to one - the Drumcree Church Parade. 

  • One end of the Garvaghy Road is still a "Protestant" Area - approximately 20% of Garvaghy Road residents are therefore Protestants. 

  • The Garvaghy Road is not a small road through a Catholic area as it has been portrayed. It is in fact the main road into Portadown from the M1 motorway.

  • Parades in the Portadown area were last rerouted 10 years ago and that the Garvaghy Road was a compromise route 

  • This is a church parade, consisting of a group of approximately 1,000 elderly men singing hymns whilst returning from worship?

  • The parade is led by members of Portadown Ex-Servicemen's lodge. Many members fought during the Second World War against the Nazis. 

  • In 1997 Brethren paraded six abreast resulting in the parade taking just seven minutes to pass

  • No music is played whilst parading along the contentious part of the Garvaghy Road. The parade passes in silence. 

  • The Drumcree/Garvaghy Road church parade takes just 15 minutes to pass into Portadown? 

  • Brendan Mac Cionnaith, "Garvaghy Road Residents Association": Took a Garvaghy Road family hostage while other republicans blew up a British Legion Hall in Portadown. Convicted of kidnapping, hi-jacking and arms offences. He has taken it upon himself the role of "speaking for the residents" during the Drumcree controversy. Does not live on the Garvaghy Road, instead he lives on a separate housing estate half a mile away.

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