If you know anyone who has flute notes they can be converted into mobile tones by following the instructions below.


The following Siemens models are able to accept a manual ringtone input : 

C25, C35i, S25, S35i, M35i 

In order to input a tone, in your Menu, scroll to Ringer Tones and Select, then scroll to "Record Melody" and "Select". 

The following phone keys correspond to the following functions :

The Number keys

1 will insert note C

2 will insert note D

3 will insert note E

4 will insert note F

5 will insert note G

6 will insert note A

7 will insert note B

8 will insert note C octave

The Zero 0 key will enter a pause into the sequence. 

Holding down a number key will make the note longer.

The # key will move a note up or down one octave.

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